Pencil Bench

The Pencil Bench was designed from a single conversation to see if we could incorporate an everyday office object into a piece of furniture, we designed this quirky bench seat. It ended up causing quite a stir across the design world, scooping two awards for Boex and being featured in a number of national design journals. The seat is made up of 1,600 pink pencils which are individually sprung. Each pencil can be removed and used.


Cornwall Design Week 2007

  • Best At Show
  • Best At Show


Pink pencil bench seat made from walnut timber; picture 1 of 7

This piece of furniture is fabricated from walnut timber and uses pink pencils to form its upholstery

Pencil Bench Seat with a close up view of pink pencils showing the rubber ends; picture 2 of 7

Each pencil within the seat is individually sprung so it is very comfortable to sit on

Pencil bench with someone sitting on it; picture 3 of 7

Pink pencils taken from above; picture 4 of 7

D&AD asked us to supply a bench for their offices; picture 5 of 7

D&AD asked us to supply a bench for their offices

Large Oak Timber Bench; picture 6 of 7

Timber letter bench made from Oak, please click on the image above for more information

Childrens hospital playroom; picture 7 of 7

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