Letter Bench

The letter bench is an outdoor piece of furniture, the seat was designed for the NHS at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. The concept of the bench is in the format of a folded postcard from an actual letter sent by a patient who stayed at the hospital. The idea is to reassure new patients about the experience they will have during their stay.

Made from Oak timber wood has hand carved writing supported on a stainless steel frame.
Size 2500mm wide x 900mm high.
Outdoor timber oak seat called the letter bench; picture 1 of 8

This large outdoor seat is made from oak with hand carved writing

Front view of the letter bench showing the stamp and hand carved writing; picture 2 of 8

Comforting message from a patient who stayed at the hospital praising the care they received from the staff

Detail of the hand carved letters in the timber bench; picture 3 of 8The stainless steel stamp of the timber furniture; picture 4 of 8

The stainless steel stamp has an illustration from an old nurses badge etched into it

The outdoor oak seat  was fabricated to withstand the elements; picture 5 of 8

The robust and strong fabrication process ensures the seat withstands the outside elements

Close up of the hand carved letters and writing on the furniture; picture 6 of 8Enough room to seat 4 people on the piece of timber furniture; picture 7 of 8

Enough room to seat 4 people on the timber bench

Hand carved text to show the writing of the letter sent from the patient to the NHS staff; picture 8 of 8