Community kitchen

The most beautiful soup kitchen you did ever see designed by Ilse Crawford.

“The brief was simple: to make it beautiful, a universal pleasure that is often missing from social projects,” she continued. “This not only brings dignity to the space but also – rather more pragmatically – makes a space that is welcomed by the community and attractive to hire after hours.”

soup kitchen interior designed by Ilse Crawford

Lighting up Mental Health

‘Citizens with the greatest need for comfort and reassurance are subjected to hostile-looking environments with none of the finesse and subtleties we would wish in order to provide convivial surroundings.’

A great article setting the benchmark for mental health facilities.  It is rare to see pendants suspended in a mental health establishment so it is brilliant to see it done successfully. Pendants were designed to be soft and unbreakable with a diffuse shape, suspended from the ceiling using low tension nylon wire, which break easily with any weight placed on it, therefore obviating ligature risk.


Wherever possible lighting was integrated at the Old See House.


World Interior of the Year

With the World Interior of the Year 2017 shortlist announced last week, we thought we would share with you some of our favourites.

The Buena, Sydney, Australia, by SJB

Aesop Pacific Fair, Gold Coast, Australia, by Mlkk Studio

NUBO, Sydney, Australia, by PAL Design Group

Stable, Belgium, by Studio Farris Architects

At Six Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, by Universal Design Studio

Seating landscapes

Looking into unconventional seating solutions has led us to Les Angles designed by Stephanie Marin – a geometric set of cushions which fit together to form a faceted seating landscape. Together they are a flexible pavement able to cover floor, ceiling or walls. Thanks to the wool properties, they are also a great insulating and soundproof solution.