Back to roots

Graft is a series of tableware that takes your meal back to it’s roots. Inspired by fruit and vegetables, this set of cutlery is not only the perfect conversation starter at a dinner party but is engineered with biodegradable plastic derived from raw vegetable fibres so you can sleep easy at night in the knowledge you are doing your bit for the planet. Our studio is crying out for some!

Baulk Head Bench

bulk head bench designed by Boex

The Baulk Head Bench designed by Boex for the Fisherman’s Mission baulk art auction. The bench is sandblasted to keep the grain whilst the snapped timber is emphasised by the glass panel showing the power of the ocean and the damage it can do.

Sat-Turn Light

Boex furniture product sat turn pendant light

We’ve been busy designing a new wood Pendant light, constructed from 2 hand turned timber half ellipsoids and located together with a simple laser cut steel fixing bracket.Read More