Colourful Mental Health Fence

Whilst our design projects often take us in many directions, we have a long history and expertise in working with mental health clients. Earlier this year, we joined forces with London-based civil engineer group, W. & I. Craig (Civil Engineering) Ltd. to create some aesthetically designed, yet secure fencing to Northwick Park Hospital in north West London.

Like many city hospitals, patients benefit greatly from spending time out in the fresh air and utilising the open grounds on the hospital site. However safety and security is paramount. When looking at the structural elements for the 3m high fence we paid particular attention to the specification of the steel uprights that needed to ensure that the fence couldn’t be climbed and didn’t contain any possible foot or hand holds.

Specification drawing for the security fence

Sign-off specification drawing for the mental healthcare fence

The sheer size and weight of the materials dictated the foundations to ensure the fence would work from a construction and safety perspective. We wanted to couple this with ensuring the fence looked light, bright and fitted well within the garden space. When considering the aesthetics, we wanted to ensure the surrounding fence was both calming and uplifting. Colour-wise we began with a palette of naturally occurring colours, particularly those associated with wellbeing, such as blues and greens.

Construction of the security fence

Construction of the steel security fence


By selecting brighter version of these tones, the area appears uplifting and attractive to patients wanting to use the garden area.

Finished healthcare Security Fence

The final fence stands 3.8m high