Community kitchen

The most beautiful soup kitchen you did ever see designed by Ilse Crawford.

“The brief was simple: to make it beautiful, a universal pleasure that is often missing from social projects,” she continued. “This not only brings dignity to the space but also – rather more pragmatically – makes a space that is welcomed by the community and attractive to hire after hours.”

soup kitchen interior designed by Ilse Crawford

Noma Australia

Creating a narrative that gives context to a companies ethos, approach or geographical identity should be at the heart of any design project.  Through research, honesty to materials and process, Foolscap have managed to do just that in the design for the new Noma restaurant in Australia.  The design concept encapsulates the elemental quality of the vast Australian landscape – rugged oxidised earth, sweeping coastlines, open sky and the regeneration of native bushland through fire.


Frame and contain

‘These Islands takes the reader on a journey across the landscape, both natural and urban, that forms the British Isles, through powerful imagery, prose and poetry.’ We’ve been admiring the success and simplicity of the display systems at These Islands book launch for Cereal at the Sunspel retail store in London that frame and contain the clothing and large scale photographs by the talented Finn Beales.

Project of the Year!

calming wall graphics for mental health unit

We are delighted that Ancora House has been named ‘Project of the Year’ and ‘Service User Engagement of the Year’ at the Design in Mental Health Conference! We worked closely with Villicare to deliver a safe environment that retains an informal feel where young people can relax and staff are able to provide the best support. A thoroughly rewarding project to have been a part of!

Anti ligature furniture to ensure the safety of patients staying at Ancora House

Bespoke playful seating for children waiting in reception at Ancora House

infection control upholstery used within bespoke furniture

Signage designed by Rose Boex

New School Design in Sweden


school design

A new school near Stockholm, Sweden, has taken a new approach to teaching by encouraging learning throughout the campus, eliminating classrooms altogether. Designed by architecture firm Rosan Bosch.