The Studio

    We are an independent design studio with a unique collaborative approach with our clients. Flexible, innovative and creative – we deliver.

    Established in 2004 by twin brothers Sam and Will Boex, the Boex studio has built its reputation on the unique and personable way they handle the smallest to the largest project. Our first questions are often ‘Why do you want to do this?’ and ‘What do you want to achieve?’ By engaging in user-centred design thinking we deliver bespoke results for you and your people, whatever the scope of the project.

    Our Motivation

    Working in interior design, our over-arching goal is ‘improving the built environment’ – but what does that actually mean? We are lucky enough to have witnessed first-hand the genuine difference design thinking, and its creative and innovative application, can make to people. For us, our reward is the human response to something as simple as less confusion on entering a building; a calmed atmosphere in a previously fractious space; a newly relaxed employee who can do their job with ease.

    International recognition for our work, our award winning products and being cited as examples of design excellence in academic research papers continues to drive us to produce excellent results.


    Our Team

    As well as our lead team members below, we have worked hard to build a collective of designers, contractors and fabricators who are passionate about inspiring design. They share our focus on quality, durability and timelessness.

    Some of our clients